Light 4kb-after-gzipped library including a collection of frontend utility functions used in daily work

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A simple yet useful frontend utility library for use in daily work. If you find it useful, you can fork it and change the content until it meet the requirements in your daily work.

  • 🔥 Detailed online documentation: utils-daily
  • 🔥 4kb after gzipped (use rollup.js with the technology called tree-shaking)
  • 🔥 All browsers supported
  • 🔥 Use flow to do the type check work
  • 🔥 Use eslint to lint code
  • 🔥 Use jasmine to do unit test


Via script tag in html

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/utils-daily@0.0.13/dist/utils-daily.min.js"></script>
  console.log(u.getType('')) // 'string'

Via npm

First, install it:

npm i -S utils-daily

Then import it:

// import while library and use the method you like
import u from 'utils-daily'
u.getType(123) // 'number'

// or if you only want to import specified function
import getType from 'utils-daily/getType'
getType(123) // 'number'

Open Source

Source code is hoisted in Github: Yakima-Teng/utils-daily.

Pull requests are welcome ^_^.



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